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  • Comments: I can't even begin to describe how amazing this story is. It has incredible imagery, realistic dialogue, character development, and some serious suspense; it's good enough to be considered canon. Updates are near daily and are several thousand words long.

    • Updated comments by J_Shakespeare: This story is truly a masterpiece, and its synopsis frankly does not do the story justice. It is a tale of the Marauders' years at Hogwarts through the eyes of Remus, who must cope with lycanthropy and fight to keep his friends—for the first time in his life, he has friends!—from discovering his secret. Full of angsty goodness, but with good amounts of action and fluff to round it out as well. Personally, this story was what redeemed the Marauders in my eyes after learning less savory details about them in canon. Note: the story is currently at 105 chapters and over 600K words, and it is near the end of the summer before their third year. So time certainly is not breezing by! Updates have not been nearly as regular lately, and the author has been taking a break for several months now due to health issues. However, the story is not on a permanent hiatus and will be continued. Read it.

Against the Moon

A delightful read, alternately heartwarming and heart rending with flawless elegance. Impeccable grammar. The characterization of many frequently ill-portrayed or shallow characters, like Pettigrew and Snape, is also excellent. The problems that Remus faces are real and tangible, instead of the over-the-top abuse and neglect that fanfic writers frequently pile on their characters. The exploration of the horrors of lycanthropy with its (canon) problems is chilling enough on its own. The main attraction to this fic is the characterization of the Marauders. They are undeniably children and have distinct, well-rounded personalities. While they are flawed, they are also absolutely likable. Just like regular children, they're occupied with having fun and following their insatiable curiosity wherever it leads. At the same time, they are gradually growing more cognizant of the dangers of the approaching war. Highly recommended.


This fic is amazing and has recently been updated. I am kind of considering making a trope page for this fic

Against The Moon

This fanfic is probably my absolute favorite Harry Potter fanfic out there; the attention to detail is wonderful and the characterization is spot-on and believable. I'm really terrible at describing things, but yes, this fanfiction is amazing and gives me quite a few feels.