Reviews: Azumanga Daioh In Space

Comment by Selryam

My absolute favorite author. A wonderful writing style that leads to his oddly cohesive combination of light, humorous scenes that are tinged with darkness and depression at the same time. Well, that's the impression I got, anyway. Anyway, a clever and imaginative writer with an amazing grasp of the Azu Dai characters, so a great read for any fan.

Comment by Fish Called Waldo

Seconded. It has, however, been a long time since I read it but it still makes me smile. The classic reveal is a bit spoiled by Chiyo-chichi being Vader. Also, depressing as heck.

Comment by Ko R

Most definitely better than it sounds. X is very good at keeping everyone in character, even when they are blazing away with a lightsaber rather than studying for exams, and for very clever integration of classic scenes from Azumanga into the narrative. Also worth it just for Jedi Knight Sakaki and Jedi Master Kamineko.