Reviews: A Is For

Comment by ToThineOwnself

The synopsis sounds simple, but the relationship between these two very different people that have fallen for each other is complex, certain to occasionally tug at the heartstrings, and often amuse. Arthur and Alfred conflict with each other time and time again, sometimes seriously, sometimes hilariously, but always in-character. The romance is skillfully seductive, sweet, or very often, both. Arthur can be an excellent tease, and Alfred canít help himself from being bluntly sexy. Even when these two are being irritatingly stubborn (and are they ever sometimes!), it only compels the reader to just keep reading, eager to see whatís next. The historical information brings in a sense of realism; one can truly see the world these two live in. The authorís notes further explain bits of history referenced in the story, so it saves time looking it up on Google. As if the exceptional romance and historical accuracy werenít enough, the language and descriptions are sumptuous. The environments, what Arthur and Alfred see through their own eyes, and the figures of speech are rich and full of life and originality. Overall, this is definitely recommended to any US/UK fan, especially those looking for a deeper look at this coupleís relationship, in between the amorous aspects and humor.