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Not strange enough
I was disappointed by this novel. After reading Kafka On The Shore I was expecting something incredibly bizarre, especially after reviews I read of it. Sadly, it isn't really that surreal, not until the very end.

I'll admit, it does have a nice, dreamlike quality to it. I liked the protagonist's girlfriend, with the perfectly-shaped ears. It was good, I suppose. But very tedious and very boring. A lot of the book seems to have little point and the only reason I kept on going was for the very end, which sounded pretty good. And it was. The ending was very strange and surreal. But it seemed like a long wait for just that. To be honest, the book felt more like an extended short story than an actual novel.

The good news is that the sequel Dance Dance Dance is much better. Not the strangest thing ever, but less boring and it actually has some sort of plot, along with a mystery that does make you interested. However, you will have to read this one if you want to understand it better.
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