Reviews: Apprentice Potter

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  • Nornagest: Technically competent and usually enjoyable. Unfortunately, it makes a few fanficcy structural mistakes — but my standards are ridiculously high, and I did manage to get through it anyway.

Heed the Angry!Harry part

Apprentice Potter features a very very angry Harry which somewhat reduces the fun of reading it. On the other hand the story is interesting if not outdated. Journeyman Potter (the sequel) features Harry who isn't nearly as angry. It is more action based than Apprentice Potter which is a plus since the action scenes are well done. I applaud the way that the sequel was written based on new canon info giving a very realistic reason to be a sequel. Overall the two stories are well done and I would recommend them to anyone that wants a good long fanfic to read.

And then there is Master Potter... It's good for about the first two chapters including the prologue. The story takes a nose dive in quality and I almost didn't finish reading it. When I got to the end of the in progress work I checked the upload date of the latest chapter, it was over two years ago. I doubt the story is going to be finished and honestly if I was the author I wouldn't finish it because the story is pretty much irredeemable at this point. Read it if you want but expect a much different story then you got in the first two.

It's a big world out there...

"A little slow at first but picks up rather well. Unfortunately due to its age it has a few instances of the later canon books deterring some plot points but overall the story works well and integrates the later books when possible."

There's a very big divergence when Moody decides to make Harry work under an old associate as an Apprentice. It's starts off real slow with Harry, but gradually Harry learns more and as the later stories show he becomes more and more experienced. The main romance led is a female Blaise which was common when the story was started and works rather well throughout the story.

Overall a very good and long read that sadly doesn't get updated all that much. It's definitely got its ups and downs with HSQ ratings following as well.