Reviews: Artemis Fowl The Aztec Incident


I wish I could say something nice about this story. I really do. It has decent grammar, but otherwise it's pretty much everything wrong with all the other Artemis/Holly stories out there. And it's frankly disappointing, that this should be one of the top-reviewed AF fics out there. I suppose, compared to the competition...

Not Worth It

Although on a first glance I found this to be a somewhat amusing piece of fiction, upon further contemplation I have been forced to disagree with this assessment. The characters are off, and there is no acceptable explanation given within the story to justify this; there's really no reason for the serum, which the plot revolves around, to be developed in the first place, so the plot is made moot; there's a similar amount of logical sense in how Opal's brother is somehow one of the most powerful pixies in Haven and yet virtually unknown, period, as well as in his further actions; and quite frankly the whole thing comes off as being very one-dimensional, as a feeble justification for the author's other works.

I would not recommend this work, except as an exercise in how not to write a decent plot.

Beja's Review

I have to disagree with the other reviewers. This is not an in character fic. Not entirely. Some parts of it are but others are so far out they make me wonder what happened to the characters I know and love. Stealing semen? Foaly threatening to blow off Mulch's head with a modified Iris-Cam? The idea of Holy bearing Artemis's unknown child for "The Greater Good"? Captain Grub Kelp? It almost sounds like a bad joke. I wild one night stand between Opel and Foaly is more in character than half the stuff in this fic. Give it a miss.

BonUs's review

This fic is very well-written and creative: it earned the author an Orion Award a few years ago, even. It is canon only up to the end of The Eternity Code, since it was written before the release of The Opal Deception. This fic is Artemis/Holly-centric, but since it is focused more on the recovery of Artemis' kidnapped son and the romance is more of a sub-plot to the main quest this fic still sits firmly in the General Fic section. This story is definitely worth a read, whether you ship AH or not (since the story was written before The Lost Colony, there's no dehumanizing or killing off of Minerva to make way for the AH, so it's all good) and is very enjoyable. If you find yourself enjoying this fic, you can also read its sequel Artemis Fowl: The Sword of God.