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The thing about Dame Agatha's Characters -
-Is they will literally do anything for money, including offing their nearest and dearest, anything that is except Get A Job and work for it!
  • The Cavendish brothers in The Mysterious Affair at Styles are both trained professionals but they'd rather hang about the manor house sponging off their (step)mother - but it's okay because the money was their father's and so should be theirs.
  • In The Moving Finger Jerry inquires if Megan will have to 'earn her living' after her mother's death as if that would be some kind of horrible fate.
  • To her considerable credit Philippa in A Murder Is Announced hopes to get money from Miss Blacklock for her son's education. As for herself, she can work for her living. The other suspects are more typically interested in unearned income.
All in all Dame Agatha makes her own class, the English Gentry, look like the most amoral and lazy folks on this earth.
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