Reviews: A Kind Of Magic

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  • 22nd Jun 11
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I wote this a long time ago toward someone's poster fanart of the show on Deviant ART- And I still stand by that statement today.

This show is weak and painful to watch (IMHO). I'm sorry (puts on Flame and Troll Retardant Armor)...

I know Seth Mc Farlane is a hack and all, but seriously, I had least had fun with even the worst of his works... In small doses.......

I mean this show is trying to be like Family Guy from what I've watched - and the only things I take away from it is a main character who is too pathetic to root for and whines way too much about wanting to be normal(Tom); a main female character who sets writing/ and main protagonist potential for female characters, especially in The American animation market back 2 decades or (worse) more (Cindy); A mother charcter whose only aspiraion is to be Rule 34 fodder (Willow(as well as Tinkerbell refence and teacher Ms. Tinker)); the father and aunt are okay, but not by much (Gregor is a Typical stupid dad who gives American Animation enthusiasts like myself everywhere a reason to hate ANYTHING that comes from us for NO GOOD REASON).

Sigh... And this was made in France. And lest I forget, I've seen whatever this show is doing done better in the works of Hacks like Seth Mc Farlane (AND NO, I'M NOT PROUD TO ADMIT THIS- SETH MCFARLANE IS A LUCKY, MONEY GRUBBING SCUMBAG WITH NO ARTISTIC SKILLS TO SAVE HIS ASS). But It doesn't help that (IMHO) that I'm watching a bitterly unfunny and disdainful comedy with unlikable leads, a predictable and worrying subtext on the average family and how they think IRL, and lest I say it again- this show feels like nothing but Rule 34 fodder to me, no wonder how wonderfully drawn and animated it is- the kind of know-how we need to see more of in America in general, too.

The only thing going for it is the fact that the art and animation for is a step above anything popular in the Western Mainstream aimed at adults on Fox as of this era as well as this moment of me writing this review.

BOTTOM LINE- Wonderful Art, Bad EVERYTHING ELSE. It does nothing for me IMHO but things that aren't appropriate for me openly state here for fear of coming off like someone with issues.

Am I wrong to annouince this shit to anyone here? I hope and sure as hell know I think not.

I'm S-3, just giving credit and criticism where due. Peace.

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