Reviews: A Protectors Pride

Simply the best you will find

Okay so no matter what people may say about this fic being good or bad, I honestly have to say that it is by far my favourite. In other popular fandoms like Harry Potter there are so many good plot rewrites, but unfortunately the Bleach fandom simply doesn't. When I came across this story I genuinely felt pleased and whilst the beginning may have a slightly awkward writing style, it improves to the quality of good authors by later chapters. The canon from the end of the Bounts to the end of Aizen is wrapped up within 30 chapters, and from then on the authors begins t blossom and write non-canon material based on the hell movie. It is well thought-out with plot twists and well-executed mixed PO Vs. It's quite simply brilliant. It is a pity that the author will not continue writing this universe upon completing their hell arc, however they have said they may consider a sequel to include other arcs and the main Quincy war. I follow the manga and can only hope that once completed the author will actually return and write the sequel. Should this not be the case, I am desperate enough for more material that I would love for perhaps another author to execute a sequel. Some may feel the authors notes unnecessary, but it keeps you up to date, replies to reviews and help you understand the translations and plot line if you haven't seen the canon or are not gifted enough to understand German, Spanish and Japanese.
  • yro
  • 12th Apr 14
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Honestly, as popular as this fic is, I expected a lot better.

Author notes/unnecessary translations within the main body of the story, ridiculous formatting (you don't need to bold or underline a character's dialogue to let the reader know it's them! *Especially* underline - use your words!), OOC characters and general weeaboo butchered English guaranteed it was a struggle to read past the 3rd chapter.

Reading a bit further on, yes it gets better, but it left a very bad first impression and I would hesitate to recommend it as is.

Why does it not have its page yet?

I will put it like this.

This story is the one that forced me to watch Bleach. I was quite happily existing without it before. NOW, WHY does this fanfic is still without its rightful page of its own?
  • Tom
  • 15th Mar 11
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This story is - plainly - awesome.

Why? Because it has a plot. And stuff happens. And there's a story.

For the most part, looking for a decent fanfic of Bleach is hair-tearingly frustrating. There are almost no stories that aren't romance, more romance and then some more romance. No that some romance is all horrible or anything but c'mon, there needs to be an actual plot to accompany it, instead of just mindless fluff.

This story has an actual plot. And action. And battles.

If you're anything like me - ie. you want to stab forks into your eyes anytime you're looking for a story on since everything is freaking romance - you will enjoy this story.

Besides the shining gold star the story has for having an actual plot, it's also enjoyable, well-written and fun.

In short, read this.