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Looking at it now...'s better than any of the other Canadian crap we have today. Since Ed, Edd n' Eddy left, we have had crap like ANA, Sidekick and Johnny Test. Sure, I used to think it was ripped off of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, but looking at how many Canadian ripoffs we've had in the past couple months made me rethink my hatred for Betty and say it's not that bad. Betty, in all weird respects, is a wonderful role model to girls next to the Puffs, able to actually hold her own in a fight, and isn't just there for—to be there, like Sissy Blakely is. Really, when it first came out, I thought it would suck...but now we might as well have to take another look.
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Why Betty is One of the Best
Atomic Betty is one of those good shows of the 2000s and believe me. And I have seen worse. Not only is it a great show from Canada, but also, it helps that she can kick butt. I know what people say, but let me tell you: Atomic Betty is not just some rip-off. In fact, many of the characters are pretty awesome in their own way. For those that like the show, try to watch it on YT or The Hub. For those that haven't seen this series, please at least give this show a chance. All in all, I hope there are more shows just like this one and hope Atomic Betty Redux has the same impact as this series.
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