Reviews: Adventure Time Marceline And The Scream Queens

Not terrible, but would benefit from fleshing out.

Being a music lover and a fan of both Bubblegum and Marceline — both separately and together — I was digging the idea of this series; however, while I did enjoy it for what it was (basically cutesy non-sexual Fanservice) I really wish there would have been more to it. Some of the transitions between issues didn't make sense — for instance, at the end of one issue Marcie storms offstage seemingly quitting the band, but the next she's back with them performing like nothing happened. Keila and Bongo looked like they'd be fun characters, but I learned little to nothing about them in comparison to Guy. The whole 'anarchy in the Candy Kingdom' plot felt rather slapdash, too; exactly what did Jake do to warrant that kind of rebellion, and how come we never see Bubblegum taking care of it (we only see the aftermath and her punishing Finn and Jake)?

On a brighter note, the side stories in each issue really shine — "Redemption Song" from the first issue was wonderfully drawn and incredibly sweet, and "Fruit Salad Days" from the third was hilarious (Lemongrab heading a punk band? Hell yeah.)

Overall, it's all right, but not really essential unless you're a diehard AT fan.

Waste of time and money

Marceline and The Scream Queens was, to put it bluntly, not very good, but since this is a review lets try to be a bit more specific.

Plot 1- A Rock and Roll, rise and fall story. Seems a bit much for just six issues, but hey its Meredith Gran so work with what you know right. In all fairness the plot for the most part is fine if kinda Asspullish at the end. My real gripe is that its very predictable and the plot riquired huge amounts of Character Derailment. Anyone who has watched the show or read the comic might find it almost unreadable.

Characters -10 -Yeah thats right Negative Ten. In a world filled with tons of characters all with their own unique back story that Gran could have chose from, she instead decides to use all new characters. This was big mistake number one, all the band mates end up being Flat Characters with personalities that change almost each issue. Keila and Bongo are bad enough but then when you add in Guy whose personality not only changes, but so does everything else. Speaking of Guy, I have to wonder why you would even add a new Love Interest to Bubblegum when its just going to make him hated for that reason alone, not that it was done well anyways. Big mistake number two is that the story is advertised as, Bubblegum and Marceline together on a road trip, except Marceline and Bubblegum are almost never together and you can count the times they have a conversation on one, one fingered hand.

Now lets talk about our two leads here, Marceline is an angry, emotional, shell, gone is the fun loving adventurer instead all we got is a wangsty girl who wants to return home, where everyone appreciates her and her music. Bubblegum, instead of being the smart little control freak, just kinda sits around and doesn't really do anything, even though she is suppose to be the manager. In-fact everything Bonnie should be doing, like controlling Marcy, is done by Keila.

Art 4- The art is fine if a little wiggly. nothing to really comment on

Its so disappointing that the first Marceline and Bubblegum comic turned out this way lets hope if its done again in the future we get a more Adventure Time like story, and not an Octopus Pie rewrite.