Reviews: Aho Girl

I do not like it

Let me begin by saying that I utterly despise Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male. So many manga rely on this cheap, disgusting gimmick for their main source of comedy, and it utterly destroys them. So, by that logic, I should love this series, right? Wrong.

The following is a list of common problems in DSAFOM stories, though they aren't always put together:

1) The boy has done nothing to deserve it.

2) The boy has the power to stop the girl from abusing him. (Ranma, grow a pair)

3) The girl(s) do it for fun, or it crosses way over into Disproportionate Retribution territory. (Fuck you, Love Hina)

4) The girl often does the same stuff that gets the boy beaten up, yet is never called out on it or punished for it. (looking at you, Akane Tendo)

5) Some kind of restraining device (or something similar) keeps the boy from fighting back even when he has every right to. (*cough*Inu Yasha*cough*)

6) We are expected to feel the abuser is in the right.

It wasn't so much the gender of the abuser and the victim that infuriated me as it was the usage of the things in the above list. Abuse in general is terrible, but the fact that people judge it based on the gender of the people involved is just shameful. A better scenario is one in which the abuser gets Laser-Guided Karma on a regular basis, or the victim bites back in an epic way after taking too much crap, a combination of the two, and/or the abuse isn't Played for Laughs. What this mangaka is saying dumbs down to "Oh, you don't think a girl beating up a guy for little to no reason and it being Played for Laughs is funny? Well, we'll switch the genders around and keep doing the same shit. Funny, right?"

Wrong. Abuse for stupid reasons is still abuse for stupid reasons, and it ain't funny.