Reviews: Ah My Goddess

Two Episodes I Liked

I hope I'm not cheating by mentioning two episodes in one review. ^_^;; While I liked the show overall very much, there were two episodes in particular I liked.

The first: The one where Urd's love potion went awry. I thought it was hilarious, especially Keiichi's reactions to Belldandy's new friskiness (as well as the robot's reaction), and it was very sweet too, especially the ending.

The second: The one where Skuld got turned into an adult. Even if it was just for that episode, I liked the character development she got. She became more mature, and at the same time sweeter and more fun-loving.

These episodes were fun to watch, and I'm glad I did. :)

Ah, My Goddess! Your series is wonderful!

The manga is remarkably sweet, tasteful, and chasté, but still crazy and awesome— like Bewitched drunk on champagne. The animé (or at least, the '05 version) takes the series and completely transforms it, but it is no less entertaining— in fact, it's even better. (Like Bewitched buzzed on sugar, if you will.) Amongst all the incarnations, the series has everything you could possibly ask for, regardless of your taste. Highly recommended, especially as a gateway series to the Japanese pop-culture fandom.

Gateway to Heaven

Magical girlfriend-romance comedy series could all take a leaf from Ah My Goddess in their production. There are very few series of this genre out there that are simultaneously amusing and heart-warming to watch, and it is exactly for these reasons Ah My Goddess shines. Arising from a simple wrong number, the relationship that Belldandy and Keiichi develop is a simple, yet touching one, showing subtly the dynamics of true love. Through the course of the series, multiple obstacles and events occur to threaten their relationship, but every time, Belldandy and Keiichi reconcile and gain further understanding of their own intentions. The story is told in an episodic manner, with some episodes reflecting the events in the manga, although there are also standalone episodes. The 2005 anime remains one of my personal favourites; built on the manga, it modernizes some aspects of the series while maintaining consistency with the manga. With high animation quality, attention to subtle details and a beautiful soundtrack, Ah My Goddess will remain a personal favourite- my own interest in anime started here.