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Sweet, but not revolutionary.
Absolute Boyfriend is a shoujo through and through. We start with your typical normal high school girl. Sheís decently pretty, but she just canít seem to land herself a man. She laments her bad luck when, suddenly, the perfect man drops into her lap!

Sound a little familiar? Well, no one said Absolute Boyfriend was original. Itís your typical Magical Girlfriend series with a Gender Flip. Itís a little like Twilight if you replaced vampires with robots and werewolves with standoffish high school boys.

Some of the story elements (such as the intergalactic space salesman) push Willing Suspensionof Disbelief, but itís over all a fairly decent story. The manga is well drawn and the writing is actually pretty funny. Also, unlike Twilight, the story ends with the reader feeling like the protagonist made the right choice. She could have had an idealized dream, but she chooses humanity instead. This choice makes her infinitely more relatable in my eyes. She will always fondly remember the dream relationship she had, but she realizes that relationships with real people are what are really fulfilling. Although the ending is bittersweet, the reader comes away feeling like Riiko made the right decision.

If youíre looking for something deep and revolutionary, look elsewhere. However, if youíre looking for a light manga with a sweet message, Absolute Boyfriend is the manga for you. The art is a pleasure to look at, the jokes are pretty funny, and the ultimate message is a good one. Even though it's not revolutionary, it's worth reading.

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