Reviews: Air Gear

Air Gear: A Harsh Critique

Flat out cards on the table. I hate this series so you if you have a problem with that well it is your opinion.

This series is at it core is broken.Look this is a series that tries to be Pardoy/Satiral manga Or at least that is the view that best helps the series and it fails at that.

This series is pretentious tries so hard to sound deep talking about Freedom, cage, birds, feather. In the same way Kingdom Heart uses Heart and Darkness. It does not feel Oh Great has any self awareness. The scene where the Main character is crushed emotional do to a twist that is to stupid to get into. The actaul line to help him deal with is "If only there was a screw to stop all the sorrow." The character that said always say a line about machine parts. This one of worst lines at the worst time. Won't "if only we could unscrew all this sorrow from you." sound like make sense.

Then there is the Fanservice jokes, part of the jokes is how insane the fanservice. A show like Food soma does this right were have some thing as insane as salmon cannon blasting the cloth off a girl. This series just kinda basic, like common things that happen in every battle manga like clothing damage, accidential groping, sneaking into the bath. it does not help that the girls don't have strong personalities or are just unlikeable. Don't get me started on Lolicon I know that japan is a little different on age of constent but, some of these girls are like ten. And sexaul Abuse and RAPE.

Of The main cast the best ones being Kazu and Buucha don't get any real wins until the end. And in the case of Buucha he gets undercut by Ikki the main character after. Kazu only wins his fight with Nike (Spoilers LIKE I CARE) cause his power let's him copy EVERY move that he has seen so he gets undercut too.

Agito/Lind is a character with multi personalities and all his personalities are boring and his backstory makes no sense. he is 14 and his parents dated ten years ago.

Ikki is the worst part of the series. He is pure wish fullment and not even good one. He is a unlikeable mean spirited whiny douche. He is a horrible friend doing thing like stealing Kazu shoes so he won't surpass him. I can not see deeper for that. More important he is a character that craves freedom but, he had good life. Four sisters adopt him and give him love, food, attention. His worst moment when he as a contest with the oldest sister because she know how dangerous Air Trecks are and she explains why. He challenges her to a battle. HE Challenges her, she doesn't force him into a battle He ask for it. When he is losing hard he starts crying the two ways to see this is A) he is trying to Maniplate her emotions B) He is a toddler who is crying because he is losing.Then there is the fact Everyone who is not a villian talks like he is god gift to mankind.


I have not even began explain why Air Gear as world doesn't work.Or How Oh Great Contridicts his own writing. I am done.