Reviews: A Twist Of Chance

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  • Synopsis: Total random chance makes Naruto meet his relatives on his father's side. Specifically his grandmother and aunt, which are not ninjas in any form.
  • Comments: This is one of, in my opinion, the three great humor fics of Naruto fanfiction. MockV has a very specific style that I find hilarious. He's great at putting humour in the very normal life of ninjas. A warning, though, it is not chapter 367 compliant.
    • Kurtulmak: Most of the time spent with his relatives (the first half) is just plain heartwarming with some dry wit. The time spent with canon characters, however, is just cracktacular, especially Kakashi. Dead Fic, unfortunately.
    • Extraordinary Fic. Naruto obtaining near legendary status as a bureaucratic Machine is both hilarious and awesome, the way the civilians see the Ninjas its so meta as to come as gaga and Mock V is a master(mistress?) of description and characterization of the Naruto Characters is both profound and assertive. Too bad is a Dead Fic, it was coming into an epic representation of the Chunin Exam before it was cut permanently.