Reviews: A Luta Contra Os Fentisseiros

A Luta Contra of Fentisseiros - From his neighbor's POV

It's been awhile since i first planned to write a review about "Fentisseiros", Ultimate's Masterpiece!

First of all, if i could describe the webcomic in one word, that would be "bold".

It's often said that a writer must always write about what they know. Ultimate, being who he/she is, makes it hard to believe that a story from him/her could be seen as normal or even logic. All the tropes used in the comic (and they're a lot) are there for the sole purpose of making the randomness of the story even more fun!

The plot is so simple, vague and linear that we can almost say that the work is "seinfeldian". The artwork is confused, dirty, poorly finished and almost always, lazy. This is actually part of the joke, since even the stickmen complain about the lack of details on the scenery. The fourth wall is still there, but the characters made the 4th wall their personal bitch. They can do whatever they want with it.

Despite the Shonen Anime references, its main fountain of plot devices still lies on whatever Ultimate had experienced on games, movies, books, TV series and even at TV Tropes!

The plot focus on Guria and Mulher (and their lesbian relationship). Actually, all the characters have names based on common nouns (Guria, Mulher, Cara, Senhora...)

The language is a mix of portuguese and english... Ultimate him/herself stated that his/her english is way better than his/her portuguese. What we get is sentences like "E assim que eu rolo", which is a very rough(if not implausible) way to translate "and this is how i roll". There's no intention of being pretentious... He/She does it for the lulz.

In fact, the entire comic was made out of boredom and the will to revive it, many years later, came out from his/her taste for not fictional metadata.

Long story short, it's a story where you must allow yourself to find the excess of randomness very funny. It's a satyr to all the testosterone poisoning found in "manly works". But it's also a personal statement from Ultimate. "I am not normal. Deal with it or beat it!"