Reviews: A Demon Lords Hero


Good story, it's a complete AU so you have to forget anything that is not basic in DXD but it's used very well.

A lot of World building well explained. Good characterization. Some characters a more likable. There are logical explanation like the differences with shirou is because he as 2 origin instead of one.

A must read

Avoid at all costs

A Demon's Lord Hero looks like it's a diamond, however, truth is, that sadly it is not.

Fahad has refused to read beyond the initial volumes of Dx D and insists on that he is doing things better... by utterly altering the Dx D setting until it does not resembles _anything_ like we know. Devils are a lot more selfish, Kokabiel is a bigger idiot and so on.

Issei is stripped of his most useful tool: The Boosted Gear and his accomplishments with it are handwaved away and given a swift kick in the ass. Issei won't become the Oppai Dragon, won't break the cycle between Ddraig and Albion, etc.

Why? Because the author has decided to give the boosted gear to the totally great Original Character: Karasuba, a bloodthristy psycho, who for all intents hates her brother and seeks to constantly pick a fight with Shirou.

Serafall's character is twisted so she is a sinful girl... as in her personal indulgence needed by all devils here is the Sin of Wrath. For reasons never explained devils now need to sin a lot, or they uh, idk. Fahad never specified the downside of it.

Sizerchs is bumped to magnificent bastard who works 'For the Greater Good.'

In short, avoid at all costs.