Reviews: All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder

All Star Batman and Robin - Bloody Good Fun

All Star Batman And Robin (ASBAR) is easily Frank Miller's most enjoyable work yet. It is vivid, silly and devilishly fun. The writing is hilariously over the top and the insanity levels are through the roof. In such an unrealistic, outrageous extravaganza of sex and violence, it is interesting that this portrayal of the goddamn Batman is perhaps the best we've been treated to in years. Miller laughs in the face of the recent, so called Darker And Edgier renditions of Batman, showing the idiocy in assuming that such a character could really exist and be considered a hero by presenting an honest and no-holds barred portrayal of an immature, psychopathic monster.

However there are area's in which this book has failed. Even though it clearly does not take itself seriously, ASBAR does suffer from dialouge and characters which are too extreme. Wonder Woman is annoying and unfunny, The Joker is a muscle-bound emo gangster (So Yeah), and many of Batmans lines become irritating. Robin himself notes that Batman is a creep who puts on a Clint Eastwood voice to keep in character, so Miller clearly wanted us to dislike aspects of Batman's persona, but the exceptionally cheesy lines do come at a cost to the narrative.

Probably the best example of a comic not attempting to cash in on the Darker And Edgier craze (You can thank The Dark Knight for that.) and simply being a playful, at times distressing romp through Gotham city. That said, it's likely people who treat Batman as Serious Business will not enjoy the deliberately So Bad Its Good style that Miller has pulled off.


Everyone is insane

That's it, that's all there is to it.

Batman, as well known, is basically The Joker wearing a bat-costume, Wonder Woman is the most hilariously over the top hypocrital femnazi ever conceived, Superman is basically his Justice Lord version, Alfred is a pedophile, and Robin seems to have the mind of a cockroach.

It's baffling how any of these people are heroes, considering that any realistic setting would have already fallen into distopia, a police state or the military righteously killing these assholes.

The only entertainment to be had is to see these idiots provoking the reader to facepalm.