Reviews: Artemis Fowl The Book Of Ages


This fanfiction has an incredibly intertwined, sophisticated plot. There are layers upon layers of paradoxes, and if you're not careful you can forget what leads to what and why. In the end, however, this fanfic is about 'solving' the kinks in time Colfer made when he played with it in The Lost Colony and The Time Paradox. When the story is over the "true" timeline is restored; in other words, the one that should have happened had Artemis not toyed with the time in Limbo so he could bring his friends back to life. The events of the original "true" timeline are terrifying, but through the intervention of an unexpected character they were able to save the world.

The only thing I didn't like about this was that Artemis and Holly were OOC, but then, aren't they always? This fanfic is still definitely worth a read.