Reviews: Always My Sly Bunny Always My Dumb Fox

Good, but not great

I found this fanfic enjoyable, with just enough plot to make the lengthy read a worthy one. However the focus is on the romance, and while I enjoyed that part immensely, the way it outshone the actual plot created a sort of dissonance that makes it impossible to get invested into in comparison to a full romance. Obviously, the romance is the best part. This would be one of my favourite fanfics of all time if the plot was cut out, or at least made a more minor part of the story. Nick and Judy's voices and interactions are on point. Most of the characters from the movie also feel very much like themselves. Unfortunately, the plot... exists. It initially had an interesting premise when it was tied to Nick's past from the movie, but it was completely wasted. The pacing also has issues, as the first half is very slow as both Nick and Judy are physically put out of commission. The ultimate villain was a disappointment as they made less and less sense the more the plot escalated. Lastly the first chapter and bonus chapters are really forced and out of place, and I have a feeling the author put them in because he wanted to shove ideas in without considering the impact on the story. I would suggest to skip these "extra" chapters and come back if you're so inclined. If you like WildeHopps and are tolerant of forced inferior plotlines, you'll enjoy this one well enough. I have to admit, in the end, there was a lot of effort and commitment for this one to come full circle and finally get finished, so I have to give credit to the author for that.