Reviews: Annihilation

Some of the best works by Marvel ever.

Space comics tend to be epic in scale and no series was more epic than Annihilation. While space battles have occurred in Marvel before, none involved so many disparate powers in conflict for so long.

Involving every faction in Space and a few in alternate dimensions and realities to boot, it speaks volumes how amazingly well the stories consistently flowed, especially in comparison to the convoluted and divisive cluster&*(* of Civil War.

Long forgotten characters like Star Lord and his new Guardians of the Galaxy were given new life. Groot, Gamora, Drax and Rocket Raccoon all came to prominence through Annihilation and the series that followed them. Dan Abnett's and Andy Lanning's work on Nova turned a second rate Green Lantern knockoff into one of the greatest heroes in Marvel at the time.

Empires were forged and reforged in the form of the Inhuman/Kree empire. The Shi'ar became a belligerent force once again under the tyranny of Vulcan. Meanwhile, the heroes would desperately fight to unite the factions against wave after wave of invasions.

If I had one criticism for this series, it was that it never got to Earth. The closest it ever came was when Richard Rider (horrible name btw) came back to Earth to rest and recruit heroes to help fight off the invasions. He quickly left after seeing Osborn's Thunderbolts and Speedball in his Bleedball outfit. I can't say I blamed him. It was something of a missed opportunity in my eyes. Then again, considering the mess Earth bound Marvel was, it was probably for the best.