Reviews: Alex


Alex is a hard fic to read, mostly due to the pain you'll inflict on yourself. Alex is a human introduced in the story, and we're already off to a bad start since nobody seems to aknowledge how abnormal this is, since Finn is the only confirmed human and it's implied he's the last one. So all the sudden a another one shows up and it's never mentioned on how this changes things.

But it gets worse. She's running for Vampire Queen. Apparently the writer has no idea what a monarchary is, and the fic's got it wrong anyway becuase from what I recall, Marceline fought the Vampire King for the postition. Not going through a boring election that doesn't even capture my intrest.

The final thing that ruins this fic for me is that Alex is a massive black hole in the story. Everything goes well for her, and even though she's potrayed as the villian, she's potrayed as being right in the eyes of everyone in the story, even Treetrunks. There's dramatic irony and then's toture. Everybody apparently hates Marceline after Alex exposes a bunch of secerts. Then the author goes and utterly crushes Marceline in any way she can. Even you don't like Marceline, your not going to like how she's treated.

She teams up with villians that would never ever get along (Magic Man's a jerk, Door Lord teaches people about friendship, Ash is another jerk...) cementing her place as a Villian Sue. She's also apparently a lesiban later in the story.

I couldn't get very far, since I had the knife sunk in so deep. I didn't have the knife when I first started reading. Based off summaries of later chapters, it doesn't get any better.

Oh, I cannot stand this fic.