Reviews: Aeon Natum Engel

Lavanya Six's review

An excellent fusion and well worth someone's time to read. The deconstruction of Misato's Lethal Chef talent was like a punch to the gut.

Latw PIAT's review

If anything, Earth Scorpion has really captured the characters and emphasized non-common elements of their personality; Rei, for one, is actually creepy like she should be, in the same way that vanilla!Rei was creepy.

GentlemensDame883's review

This is a crossover with Cthulhu Tech, as odd as that might sound. It works, though. Aeon Natum Engel manages to improve on a number of the flaws of the original series, mostly by treating them realistically — like the understandably over-enthusiastic security for Shinji's school. It also provides a nice if worrying deconstruction of Misato's Lethal Chef-ery, which you may already have read in that article.