Reviews: Anima Beyond Fantasy

Another fan of the game...

I'll describe just the RPG -haven't played the card games or the videogame and the miniatures one just a little-.

In my opinion the best the game system has is its great flexibility. Classes aren't absolutely so separated as are in, for example, D&D and the system lets you build any type of character you can imagine, from the typical ones of other games to others based on manga/anime characters. It's even possible to "mutilate" it suppresing things -like Ki attacks or mental powers- you don't want in your play and it's still usable.

It does not have the countless tables of Rolemaster; however, its main problems are that at first it may be somewhat complicated, with quite a lot of things to worry about, and the fact it uses a d100 system -even if they're just additions and substractions-. While it may not be a problem if you're good at mental calculus, a calculator is a great companion when playing it.

The setting is rich and well-developed, despite it's a mix of real-world historical cultures and countries -some of them quite heavily stereotyped- as well as (especially) characters and things taken from nearly any anime/manga/etc. (even recognized by the author; just see Wen's artwork and see how many of their characters look so familiar), but continuing with the flexibility of the system, gives freedom to change things as you wish as well as nearly any kind of campaign. It's a pity, however, the background is scattered among the different products of the franchise, so if you want to have everything you must buy stuff you may don't want (for example, the book of the miniature game if you just play the RPG).

Fan of the game...

Yeah, I have some experience in reading the books, and I can say that the story behind the series is intriguing (at least, what story I've been able to read, anyway). It's a rather important facet of my life to tell stories, and I enjoyed what I could of the story, even though I don't know at least half of the story involved... granted, I live in the United States, so that is to be expected (the game itself is Spanish and the other half of the Gaia source book is going to be released soon as of this time).

Note that I have yet to play a full game of this, but I have info that would help me at least write a good story with this as a setting somewhat, in the first place... though with a lack of more solid info on hand, I only have so much I can do, but it'll be worth it (especially when I get a chance to see the info for the rest of the setting).

...Anyway, *ahem* that is not what I was trying to get at when I started writing this, so please forgive the off-topic talking. In any case, I would just like to recommend that people give this more thought than "Oh look, someone's trying to mimic Rolemaster" when the creators of this obviously aren't.