Tropers / Xamusel

Xamusel is an author that can be pretty nit-picky with things he writes whenever someone points out a flaw in his reasoning for certain types of things (namely stuff he thought was a good idea at the time but never got a chance to properly think it through), much to the annoyance of his co-author on their current story, which is undergoing a massive rewrite from prologue to currently released chapter.

Xamusel, having been born with some disabilities that affected his development, is one of those people that got developmentally impaired because of Autism (not classic Autism, the other kind, and not referring to Asperger's Syndrome either). This has grated him endlessly on the inside more often than not, and he would rather be cured of his Autism, if at all possible.

Tropes that apply to this Troper (as mentioned by others more often than not) include but are not limited to:

Sarcasm-Blind: Due to his disability, Xamusel is unable to get Sarcasm unless someone clearly states that they were being sarcastic, which can be annoying not just to him but to everyone else involved.