Reviews: All He Ever Wanted

Comment by Anonymous

Echoing Solandra's opinion, particularly about the issues with characterization. Darker And Edgier Alternative Character Interpretation is in full effect, to the point where many characters are not even remotely similar to their canon counterparts (and in some characters' case, especially Prussia's, it does smell like that certain trope and Writer On Board). YMMV on whether the story is better for it or not, but if you go into this fic be prepared that it's more like an original story with original characters inspired by the premise of Hetalia than a Hetalia fanfic.

Comment by Solandra

This fic is really a Love It Or Hate It one: either you think that it's a brilliantly clever, imaginative, and edgy For Want Of A Nail fic, or you think that it goes way too far in its Darker And Edgier Alternative Character Interpretations and eschews potentially complex characterization for pure shock value to make historical points. So Your Mileage May Vary, of course. I personally love the prose and alternative historical timeline, but the reinterpretations of England, Japan, and Prussia reminding me too much of a certain trope kept me from becoming fully immersed in it.

Comment by Anonymous

This Troper found The Seventh Door, by mithrigil (Prussia, Hungary, Austriawarning for rape), especially distressing. The line "Ungarn, Ungarn, do you hate me?" has freaked me out since I first read it. AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY.

Comment by Marionetta

Just reading the alternate timeline in the first post can be frightening and chilling. It starts in 1923, the year in which the Anglo-Japanese Alliance would have been terminated, and ends in 1960, when America, allied with Russia against the rest of the world, finishes making the first atomic bomb. It's still in progress, and not being written in chronological order(the beginning and ending have been put in the same post). It looks like there will be some serious Tear Jerker. It also works as a reminder how all of this could have really happened.