Tropers / Marionetta

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A long-time lurker, Marionetta joined mostly to fill the Axis Powers Hetalia page up with tropes. Because that what you do when you love something. You overexpose it.

However, she's too lazy to put it on the other pages. So some Entry Pimp is going to have to do that for her. (As of now, this is a lie.)

Okay maybe she's been talking too much in the discussion but yeah.

Now for something random to decorate this page.

Things most likely to make Marionetta cry 1. The dog dying. 2. The spirited comic relief/timid introvert/best friend/truly repentant villain/police cop partner character dying. Especially in a Heroic Sacrifice. 3. A letter from a dead person read by another character. 4. Any movie set in the ghetto with a sad ending. It's like a cage full of crabs- when one tries to climb up through the top, another one pulls them down. 5. War movies.