Reviews: A Man Of Stature

fan fiction at its best

An excellently written fic that manages to make the reader root for Gaston without giving him the Draco in Leather Pants treatment. The story is realistic and believable, and shows that fairy tales can only come true when someone is willing to work for their happy ending. The OC deserves a mention, too: she's a well-crafted character who isn't without her faults, either. I recommend this story to anyone who feels like they'd like to stay a little more in this world.

Review [yes, I do know that's obvious...]

An absolutely brilliant, realistic fanfic that really is a breath of fresh air and an instant recommendation to anyone who thinks fan fiction is only for trolls and mary israbella worthington pony sparkle sues, or just wants to read one of the best.

op's review

Comments: Does Gaston genuinely fall in love and become reformed by that love as the Beast was? And can the author actually show all this without distorting Gaston's character beyond recognition? Yes to all the above!