Reviews: Another Story

Unlimited_Archer's review

The author tries his hardest to slide his story into the main storyline while disrupting as little as possible. For the most part, he suceeds in writing an interesting story that goes into greater depth with characters than BLEACH itself does, revealing motivations and feelings in believable ways.


While it's not as awful as others I've seen,staying away from this one is recommended. Poorly done self-insert (is there any other kind?) and liberties with the Gotei's structure just make for an unpleasant reading. Why is this story in the recommended section?

GosuroriOtaku's review

It's not the worst story ever written, but I don't believe it's anywhere near as good as any of the other fics here. I couldn't even finish reading the first chapter, although a few tropers might enjoy this.

Don't Waste Your Time

Unless you like reading badfic this story is not for you. The main character is very likely the self-insert of a fourteen year old fanfic writer. The prose reads more like an account of an RPG session rather then an actual story. The writer focuses way to much on his original characters rather then actual canon characters, canon places and things that identify this as being a Bleach fanfic. Many of the O Cs have English names despite the fact there shouldn't be characters with English names, so chances are high that the writer is using his name as well as the names of his friends.

The fourteenth squad is thrown in there so that his self-insert can have the position of fukutaicho despite the fact this self-insert is a relative unknown. If there had once been a fourteenth squad fifteen years before the Hollowfication it would have been noted. Not to mention Tite Kubo has recently mentioned the "original thirteen" in the Manga, indicating the Gotei Thirteen was formed around thirteen individuals from the past. Messing with this important of a canon fact isn't a trivial matter and shouldn't be taken lightly by a writer if they want to be taken seriously.

Nothing happens in the story either and it just rambles on and on. There are forty-two chapters and over eighty-thousand words to this piece, and the fact the writer puts entire chapters into bold font will not help people. The problems with the story are numerous.

Dhomochevsky's review

If the synopsis didn't put you off, then allow me to; it's as bad as it seems.