Reviews: Alice 2009

Not bad, but not brilliant.

I'm going to be honest, from a storywriter's perspective this whole plot feels...wonky. It brings up topics and issues but never really digs deep in them, and when they're changed there is no real moment when you can see the resolve. It just happens. The whole thing seems rushed and nothing is ever explained and most characters come and go with no real explanation. I know it's Wonderland but really? They could've done something with that. I wish Alice and Hatter's relationship had grown more, or that the King's real reason for being with the queen. There's no room for character development and exposition feels tacked on. And the ending comes way too fast and the ends only just meet. (Can we get a reason why exactly Hatter was suddenly inspired to go at the end? The last thing he saw was Alice hugging Jack. I was expecting a confrontation between the two men or maybe a "she's yours now", or a "take care of her" or something.

Never the less, it isn't horrible. Andrew plays a fine Hatter and he is adorable throughout the series. He is definitely one of the stronger points. Caterina is a bit bland as Alice. Her acting feels a little forced and the most she does is stare devastated with wet eyes at the camera. To be fair, this sort of look is appropriate for a lot of the scenes but other than that...meh. I suppose I could mention the White Knight but he wasn't very memorable; kudos to his actor though for making him as awkward as he was. And the problems and conflicts these characters have are interesting so it's a shame they were never really explored.

I know Wonderland is a Crapsack World now but the landscape and how the crew filmed it is very bland and boring. (Hey, why didn't we see more of that Scarab thing?). I at least expected some more emphasis of the Wonderland, part considering it's supposed to be another world.

But anyway, this was a made-for-TV movie and the crew didn't have that big of a budget and it shows. For what it's worth, it was a decent flic but I don't think I'll be watching it again.

(Face it, half of us didn't care what happened because we just wanted to see Andrew-Lee Potts. I honestly don't blame you, fangirls.)

I didn't really like it

I can't really say I hated it either but it really disappointed me, Tin Man I thought was really cool and different. But Alice bored me, I fond a lot of the acting pretty unremarkable and the plot rather blah, really I just didn't find it weird enough Wonderland should be this bright fantastic place but there were not that many things that really were and the fantastical side there were no talking animals, flowers, puny named bugs on shrinking mushroom. The world and characters could have been called anything else and it would not have changed anything. It just to me, did not feel like and Alice in wonderland story