Reviews: As It Should Be

Selryam's review

Would like to add that this wonderful author has a nice, crisp writing style and a talent for exploring the depths of the characters' relationships with each other (well, at least Aang and Toph, from what this troper remembers). And that this person has written some for other pairings as well, all of which were thoroughly enjoyed by this troper, regardless of pairing.

Marlee Cross' review

One thing that makes this a great story is the fact that the author is a Zutarian (yes, there is mention of Zutara in this fic but it's brief) and this is her way of showing that not all Taang shippers are just trying to get Aang out of the way. This story is a geniunely good look at the dynamics of a potential romantic relationship between Aang and Toph. Definitely worth a read.