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Inspiring Tale of Adventure
This was quite a story, or quite a trilogy of stories. I liked it because first, it depicted Azula's redemption in a believable in in-character way and second, because it's a well-written adventure story. I do have some issues such as some parts of the story beating The Point into the readers' heads, but those don't take away from the overall excellence of the story.

I liked the story so much that I wrote a longer review on my blog about it.

Part 1 about the redemption angle:

Part 2 about the writing itself:
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Ack Sed's review
I gave up an afternoon to this trilogy, despite the Rouge Angles Of Satin. It's humbling to see how much skill the writer has.
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J Blaze's review
The author also writes a fantastic Mai and Aang, giving both surprising depth and keeping them in character in a fandom that tends to neglect them to Die For Our Ship.
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Ryan Lohner's review
Wonderful characterization for Azula, making her Heel Face Turn truly feel earned. Azun and Wei Ming are great villains too, surprisingly sympathetic in their motivations.
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