Reviews: Asuras Wrath

Asura's Wrath DLC Review

As some people Know, the first round of Asuras Wrath DLC was finished being released around a 2 months ago. Here's my review of the parts I found that were interesting and the best from least to greatest.

Time to start with the first

  1. Episodes 11.5 and 15.5:

These episodes are probably the most different out of all of them. While the main game itself had plenty of QTE's, these two episodes are entirely Button Prompt based, yet utilized 2D japanese animation from Studio 4 C as the main style, and makes it more similar to the classic Don Bluth arcade games Dragons Lair and Space Ace. They weren't my favorite, but they do shed some light on some of the stuff that happens in between episodes, so if you want to find out, go ahead and Download them if you want to. I give them a 7.5 out of 10 for not having many traditional gameplay elements in them.

  1. 2 Lost Episodes 1 and 2:

These are probably the episodes a lot of people were looking forward to the most, the Street Fighter crossover episodes. The layout of each starts with a Fighting Game based section similar in layout to Street Fighter IV with the control scheme of the main game to an extent, with the epic Cinematics in between each section of each level before the Eyecatch's pop up. in the second half of each, the game switches to the regular style of Asuras Wrath and both end very epically. These episodes are highly recommended. I give them around an 8.75 out of 10.

  1. 3 Part IV Nirvana:

Arguably the most controversial DLC for the game, as it starts off where the main games secret ending leaves off. Some might cry foul that it should of been on the disc, but in spite of that, I really found this to be the best DLC the game has to offer so fr, and is probably some the best DLC of any game I've ever played. It finishes the story really well, concludes all the plot threads throughout the main game, and delivers what might be one of the Best Final Bosses EVER. Yet it will also make you cry manly tears, and gives a rather clever sequel hook at the very end in the 2D art syle recap. I give it a 9.25 out of 10, as it refined the QTE presses of the cinematics as well.

Overall I really enjoyed them, and recommend any fan to buy them, as they are really cheap, too. Enjoy.

While probably not for everyone, Asura's Wrath is a game truly unlike any other.

Created by the wonderfully creative people at Cyber Connect 2 and published by Capcom, Asuras Wrath is a rather unusual title that's probably one of the most creative games of this console gen. It's laid out as something more of anime series, right down to an episodic format, with Eye Catch's and all. It utilizes a unique setting mixing Several Asian Mythologies (Particularly Hindu Mythology and Buddhism) with Science Fiction and Space Opera for an original look. Gameplay utilizes three different styles. They are a traditional Final Fight or Streets Of Rage styled Beat Em Up, a Rail Shooter in the vein of Panzer Dragoon, Rez, or Sin And Punishment, and Quick Time Event's that are probably some of the most seemlessly done QTE's I've ever experienced. People that don't like QTE's probably won't like this, especially people that might hate them irrationally. It might not be for everyone, and it's rather short at only around 6-7 hours including the cutscenes (Though 5 parts of upcoming DLC will migitate this a bit) and the gameplay, while seemless in the execution, isn't all that original on it's own, but if you like Over the top action, insane boss fights, a beautiful soundtrack by Chikayo Fukuda, a wailing Award Bait Song (In Your Belief) by Tomoyo Mitani, Anime and Manga Tropes, a surprisingly creative and well done story with a unique cast of characters and Cyber Connect 2 games in general, you will want to get this at full price if you can. Even If you don't like all that stuff, give the game a try anyway after the price goes down a bit or rent it just to experience something truly unique in a now very creatively stalled market.

As for me, I give it at least a 9/10, but that's just my opinion.