Reviews: An Untitled Story

An experince that becomes larger than you'd imagine.

If you go to the website for An Untitled Story, you would notice that it doesn't mention much about the game. That because mentioning more than a few sentences about what goes on in it would spoil some of the fun. This is a game to experience on your own and enjoy. It's all about discovery, but it's also a hardcore platformer that will test your patience. Not in a bad way, though.

The game (at first) only allows you to move left and right and jump. You also won't be able to take much damage. Over time, you will gain a slew of moves to help you advance as well as more hit points. It sounds like a very simple concept. It is. But that's not a bad thing! The game succeeds at providing simple but varied environments and gives you a constant sense of progress. It never get's boring and there are a ton of optional secrets. Many of which the game never mentions, further mystifying it all.

I recommend playing the game without help or any big knowledge of it. You will be able to experience the numerous shocks and insane discoveries and be able to marvel at them with a ton of respect. It's a simple adventure with lot's of value, fun, and love.

An Amazing Game

I first downloaded this after I saw a link to the game's GMC topic. The name 'An Untitled Story' sounds like the creator was just too lazy to make up a name, but the creator of this game (Matt Thorson/'Yo Mamas Mama' - creator of the notoriously difficult 'Jumper' series of platformers) showed just how much detail he is capable of putting into a game.

His site says "you begin as an egg in your nest, and the rest is up to you to figure out". This exploration/platform game has 18 bosses, and a massive worldmap. It has multiple difficulty levels that range from 'Simple' to 'Insanity', and in no way should this be considered an easy game. Later in the game, the complex platforming challenges, often involving split-second timing, become challenging enough to make you pull out your hair, but they won't stop you playing.

My only problem with this game is the low number of savepoints. Annoyingly, there are often no savepoints for a while before bosses, so every time you lose to the boss, you have to go through long stretches of platforming to get back there. Also, there are no health restoring items other than savepoints, and a health refill after the end of a boss. You do get 10hp for every heart (which increases your maximum health) you get, but with enemies and traps regularly doing 100 or more damage, these don't help much.

If you want to see what this game is like, I would recommend the Lets Play by Raocow.