Reviews: AI Artificial Intelligence

A dreadful and shmaltzy experience

Steven Spielberg and Stanley Kubrick are both critically acclaimed and accomplished directors... in their own right. So the question is begged. WHY were both of them trying to be something they're not? Why were both of them secretly envying each other and trying to imitate the other's work?

Its like two kids passing a cheat-sheet to one another in an exam and both end up failing, when all they simply had to do, was be themselves. Copying others and not being sincere to yourself, is not a road to success. Its not a sign of admiration. They did each other, and people who love their work, a disservice.

A.I is the culmination of this counterproductive process.

I hated this film. It gave me nothing but a migraine. One of the biggest grievances I had with it, was none other than the protagonist, David. Err, yeah, how do I sum up his character and "development"... he's unlikable. In the strangest, most warped and bizarre of ironies. David is the most inhuman member of the artificial-human cast. Every android in their own unique way, is showing signs of going beyond their programming and becoming more sentient. Every android, except for David.

The tagline states "His love is real, but he is not", the ironic thing about that? HE'S PROGRAMMED TO LOVE. Apologies for abusing caps lock, but I cannot emphasis this no-brainer enough - A robot following its function and being forced to constantly love ONE PERSON and ONE PERSON ONLY. IS. NOT. LOVE.

David is a self-entitled whiny little s**t quite frankly. He DEMANDS Monica's love and attention, while giving everyone else the cold shoulder. David doesn't give two figs about you. You can go ahead and die for all he cares. He's a MACHINE. He wants his mother's adoration and time. He will scream, kick and cry if he doesn't get it.

You know the MLP: Friendship is Magic cast? Whenever their special 'cutie mark' talent inexplicably fails? And they go borderline-insane? That's David's character in a humorous nutshell.

And he never develops. He never learns to love others, and thus be lovable himself.

The ultimate act of selfishness is demanding his dead mother be brought back, by ugh... 'aliens' for one day, so she has to live and die all over again JUST TO PLEASE HIM.

Screw this movie.