Reviews: Adaptation

Striped Chicken's Review

This fic is good. It shows rather than tells of the Fire Nation propaganda and how young Zuko is a believer in it, yet it takes care to show how Zuko, even as a child, has a good sense of right and wrong. The implication (very obvious after awhile of reading, not that the author tries to hide it) that Avatar Kuro and Princess Soza are Roku and Sozin respectively was a nice touch, as was the implication that Ursa wrote the play.

Love how it reflects audiences reactions to book to movie adaptions and the like. Reccomended.

Joysweeper's review

Young Zuko is so earnest. The butchery comes in at the end of the play, since the play's original ending, which young Zuko didn't like, wasn't Fire Nation Patriotic enough. He found that he disliked the new ending even more. Distinct hints that Love Amongst the Dragons, with Avatar Kuro and crown princess Soza, is actually the story of Avatar Roku and Firelord Sozin.