Reviews: Another Prisoner Another Professor


I quite thoroughly enjoyed this little bit of fanfiction. It reads so well, I found myself wishing it went this way in canon! At first it starts out like the beginning of Po A with names swapped out and then acknowledges the effects that these changes would have and ran with them. It's glorious. All I can hope for is a swift update as of right now. I can't comment further until I see how the plot unfolds.

Good at first

The fic overall is well-written, and the changed relationships between the characters given the different situation are very well thought-out. The developing relationship between Harry and Sirius, the dynamics of Sirius as a professor, the portrayal of a Sirius who never went to Azkaban, and the hints of past Sirius/Remus were all realistic and well-done, especially in terms of emotional character development. However, I must admit to getting soured on this story when the author started throwing in references to Christianity in the wizarding world in ways that had no basis in canon, and served no discernable purpose in advancing the plot or enriching the narrative. Also, pureblood wizarding families that are well-known blood supremacists being legitimately Christian was a very hard pill for me to swallow, and the idea of Sirius identifying as a Catholic because his family identified as such was one that I found cringe-worthy. The story starts to bog down at the very first mention of "church" and "magic" in the same sentence, but up to that point it's definitely worth the read.