Reviews: A Forfeit Of Dreams

A good work for newcomers

Probably one of my favorite Labyrinth fanfics. It feels very comfortable; KL Morgan's writing is honest and very easy to read [I read the whole long fic in one night]. Does an interesting and compelling development of Jareth and Sarah's characters. Great for those new to the fandom.

Comment by notquiteanonymous

Absolutely wonderful story, where Sarah must return to the Labyrinth in order to rescue a friend; but she's grown older and has changed quite a bit, and it's only natural that the Labyrinth must adapt as well. K.L. Morgan is a fantastic Labyrinth fic writer, and her story has a way of just sucking you in with its beautifully written scenes. I adored the interactions between Sarah and Jareth. She has a few OC's, but they are realistic and don't dominate the plot.