Reviews: Ab Igne Ignem Capere

Lavanya Six's review

The little kids in this fic are pretty moe, and the author does well in portraying their mental development from babies to adolescents. The refreshingly twisted take on the royal family is also a big draw. Here, Azulon is a crafty old goat who's playing everyone against each other, Ozai hopes that his favored child Zuko will take after Iroh, and Ursa is... complicated. The author manages something I thought impossible; making Zhao a sympathetic character while still retaining the elements of his personality that would motivate him to kill the Moon Spirit. I do have some worries on how tension will be maintained in later chapters if Azula and Zuko end up as enemies, as Azula's firebending still outclasses Zuko's.

K 9 The First 1's review

An interesting AU, where Azuka and Zuko were born at opposite positions, and seem to have swapped personalities. Furthuremore, Azula seems to get less love than canon Zuko!! Well, except from Iroh and Lu Ten naturally. I myself have only gotten to chapter three, but I have to say that Tiny Azula is absolutely adorable. We're talking Chiyo-Chan adorable here. The author plans to cover the whole show, so buckle up and expect an interesting ride.