Reviews: Accidental Hero Of The Galaxy

A fun read, but...

As Sithking said, it's wonderfully done in the Ciaphas Cain style, but the lack of any real changes or surprises can make it rather hard to get through the first story if you've already read a dozen other novelizations of the first game.

Things do pick up in the second and third stories, I found the LI selection to be very intriguing. I'd recommend readers at least give it a shot.

True to the spirit, but...

I have this to say: "Accidental Hero of the Galaxy," doesn't really cover ground that hasn't been tread by a thousand other fanfics that cover the first Mass Effect game. It doesn't have Shepard doing something unexpected and getting the geth on his side in the first level. It doesn't have Imperium of Man technology allowing him to extract all information from the Thorian. It doesn't have him becoming a Rachni-human hybrid. From the plot points alone, it is basically a paragon runthrough of the first Mass Effect game.

Where it DOES shine is that it is written in the Ciaphas Cain style. Instead of being a Paragon because he's a goody-two-shoes, he's a paragon because he's a filthy coward. It is certainly Ciaphas Cain in Shepard's body, and it's wonderful for that. You get to see all the ways that you can be a self-serving kleptomaniac while appearing to everyone else to be a good, honest man.

I recommend it highly.

Be warned that the sequels, while they do take a Paragon path as well, have far less of the Cain influence- Shepard is becoming more of an honest man and does things more selflessly than not, so the "Cain" influence lessens over time. The first story is great though.

Accidental Hero

Quite well written, it really is Mass Effect Ciaphas Cain Style. The humor is great, and I like how the author manages to keep everyone in character, including Shepard. Not a crackfic, but genuine humor at its finest. Oh, and a sequel is up as well.