Reviews: A Path To Greater Good

How sprite comics should be done

A Path To Greater Good's main strength is how it distinguishes itself from other Sprite Comics; all the sprites are original (and well done for that matter). The overall style for the series is still changing (which backgrounds shifting between pixel art and other styles). Despite being mostly pixel art there's an impressive level of attention to detail.

The story so far follows three distinct protagonists in separate plotlines; Guile Hero Noah, Gadgeteer Genius Tobi and a mysterious, Crazy Awesome man named Burke. At the moment the later protagonist is getting the most exposure. The setting is an interesting take on a Schizo Tech setting; it's essentially a low fantasy world coming out of Medieval Stasis technology-wise that's just discovered magic, justifying the different levels of technology seen in different parts. The writing is also good, with some excellent gags (be it Burke's cloudcuckoolander antics or Noah being an Accidental Pervert) and an engaging storyline that leaves you waiting for the next strip without having to Ass Pull a twist on every page.

The only weakness of the series is likely down to its artwork; there's been a great deal of delays with periods of regular updates coming and going. With the current arc focusing on Burke, it's likely any fans of Tobi or Noah who start reading the strip as it stands will find them Left Hanging.


8/10 - If (and hopefully when) the Schedule Slip comes to an end it could quite possibly be one of the best sprite comics ever made.