Reviews: Antz


This is the epitome of "So okay it's average" to me. not 100 percent bad, but hardly good. For one thing,. Itís so damn clichť. The story has been done a million of times, and it is filled with characters that only fill in clichť archtypes and donít really stand out. This film is as predictable as they come

it does nothing new, except add ants to it. However, Itís not as badly clichť as other movies iíve seen, and itís never really offensive. The characters are kinda likable, and the story doesnít have that many major plot holes.

It has some impressive animation for the time, along with a few decent characters, and some stellar performances, with a few good lines here and there.

Itís harmless in the end and it never gets too awful. It just isnít good, since it has bad parts to it. Itís okay. i wish i could love or hate it, but i can't go to neither extreme. sad.