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Not the same Awakening

Imagine my surprise to find that a fic that I recommended gained five reviews overnight. Seriously, go to the Sailor Moon fanfic recommendation page and you'll find 6 reviews linked now.

However, only this review actually deals with the story I recommended. The other five I believe are about a Hetalia story of the same name. (It would be nice if ONE review said which property the reviewed fic is about so people could find it. There have been many fanfics with the title Awakening) Edit: All those 5 reviews were by the same person? Is that even allowed?

On to the review. Awakening, by Tim Nolan, is the first part in what would ultimately turn into an AU tale of the Sailor Moon series, though as chapter 1 covers only the exploits of Sailor V prior to the discovery of the other senshei, and chapter 2 only deals with the outeer senshei at the same time, thst is not an issue.

Not much to say other than that it is extremely well thought out, with compelling action scenes, and few noticable mistakes. The biggest problem is the length of the chapters. Each part could easily have been several chapters, no just one, and could even have been it's own story. In fact, depending on the site you go to, they are seperate stories. The reason I group them like this is because on they are in the same story.

Awakening ultimately serves as a setup for Obligations, another story by Tim Nolan that is even better.

Comment by Anonymous

This troper has to agree as well, it was a depressing story, but it wasn't enough to keep me up at night. Then again, I've spent time on 4chan, so my shock value for High Octane Nightmare Fuel is rather high. It was sad, really it was and some parts did give me chills, but not enough to keep me up at night.

Comment by Anonymous

This Troper thought the story was amazing, and definitely horrifying, but didn't find it scarring. She slept very easily after reading it, and she herself is a triplet, so if anyone should be freaking out it'd be her. The descriptions were definitely... well, descriptive, but I guess it's one of those things that while you're reading it you feel a chill and freaked out, but afterwords you're more like "Whoa, what a wonderful story!" than you are "Man, I gotta sleep with the lights on tonight..." (Then again, this Troper was disappointed by "Seven Little Killers", finding it not scary or descriptive enough, so don't hold her opinion too highly...)

Comment by Anonymous

Okay, I wouldn't say this will keep you up at night. It's really not that bad. Yes, if you're highly and can't stand the thought of some gore, maybe you shouldn't read it. But I wouldn't say not to if you're just a little sensitive. I think most people can still appreciate the quality of the work even if it's a little strong.

Comment by Anonymous

"But not enough to overwhelm you"? Note: Do not read if any bit at all sensitive. It has gory descriptions of the Mengele experiments on twins, the author did their research. And put everything they discovered in. This WILL keep you up at night. And you will never be able to look at Alfred or Matthew without thinking of it. It scared me so much, that I just skipped over the worse spots, but past Chapter 3, it becomes a never-ending barrage of High Octane Nightmare Fuel.

Comment by Peach_Tea

A well- written fic (posted directly fro the Kink meme), this fic is worth a good read. It gives you descriptions that give you a sense of horror but not enough to overwhelm you. A good read indeed.