Reviews: A Fairly Odd Christmas

Fairly Odd Christmas - Review

Okay I should start by saying that I'm more of a fan of the original cartoon, and I've never watched Drake and Josh nor even really liked the live action Nickelodeon stuff.

The newest live action movie is about Timmy saving Christmas. The story is simple enough, although some parts really were explained too fast or were confusing, like why the fairies lost their wand power or why there was an evil cloud over Dimmsdale.

  • The characters are okay... the actors playing Denzel Crocker and Timmy's dad stood out to me the most. I thought Drake Bell struggled in his role as Timmy, and while I'm deeply charmed by Daniella Monet's rendition of Tootie, I also miss her nerdy appearance, she is still as nice and cute as a Tootie would be but she just doesn't look like her enough. I also thought Timmy's mom (Teryl Rothery), when standing next to Daran Norris as Dad, really stood out as a bad casting choice. I was surprised to see Vicky show up but she wasn't in the movie nearly long enough to make an impact; blink and you'll miss her. Other FOP fan favorite characters were not included.
  • It seemed boring, the first live action movie had more tension, but this movie there is no real danger to Timmy or his fairies, and he has already saved Christmas a dozen times before in the cartoon so it feels like a dead letter issue. The best scene of the movie, Timmy and Tootie's kiss, happening while the credits were rolling!
  • They addressed some fan complaints, mainly Cosmo's voice and his relationship with Wanda, subtly in a few of the gags. Yet it feels almost like mockery to be doing it in a live action movie instead of the actual cartoon.
  • It felt more like the cartoon than the first movie, which is a good thing, but it still looks really awkward in live action.

Overall, I think they should stop with these movies. The first one wasn't as bad as people made it out to be, but this one is really pushing it. The show has already gone on for a long time and the cartoon itself has been in need of fresh plots. Seeing twenty year olds playing Timmy and Tootie just doesn't cut it for me, if the cartoon was time skipped to when they had Tammy and Tommy, now that might be a movie worth watching!

I give it a generous 2 and half out 5 stars, mostly for Mr. Crocker being hilarious!