Reviews: Archmage

Best Read

This was the first FI Mfic I read (on the recommendation of Tommy Oliver) and so far the best. Before I read this I thought all fanfiction was unintelligible smut, but I now have newfound respect for fanfic writers, because of this story. The writing does have the occasional hiccup, yet emotions are strongly conveyed to reader; I became deeply invested in the characters, tearing up at emotional scenes. It was so captivating, it gave me insomnia, reading it for hours straight in bed. The sequel is also very interesting, creating a believable plot that expands off the dimension-crossing mirrors, giving an intriguing view of the common 'what-if' scenario in fiction. Despite its minimal flaws and... odd/rushed ending, this story is absolutely wonderful, leading me to (unfairly) judge all subsequent fanfics I've read for not being nearly as amazing.


This story is EPIC. Twilight goes from being pretty awesome to badass and then some. It's powerfully and emotionally written. It's one of the best stories, of any genre, that I've ever read. It's well worth the read.