Reviews: Amato

Comment by Moaku

Since England is dead in this fiction (with a plausible enough explanation) the story is naturally sort of miserable, except for the presence of little Angla who is adorable, and well-done for an oc. The moodshift between America being an awesome and mature father/brother figure, the extracts from canon, and the sadder flashbacks where America is just plain vulnerable is quite smoothly done and doesn't feel particularly forced. Despite being a sad story, it really carries with it an almost taoist sense of just coping. The writing style is simple and punchy and there's some nice turns of phrase lurking in it. Nice weaving of the manga and anime into the story as well, all whilst giving it an almost USUK feel. Also tear-jerker for when England comforts America as he, himself, dies. Also, note Amato is latin and vaguely means 'I loved' or so. It's been awhile since I picked up my latin textbooks though.