Reviews: AWOL

Comment by Rain Krystal

Thirded by Rain Krystal. This is so incredibly well done. A great view from the outsiders looking in, and they manage to make Canada's disappearing powers awesome.

Comment by Archangel Unmei

Seconded by Archangel Unmei. This fic does an amazing job of not only showing what the Hetalia-verse Nations might look like through the POV of someone not in the know, but it also manages to keep the entire NCIS cast in character. Abby in particular is hilariously brilliant in this, and Gibbs is spot-on.

Comment by RBMIfan

Interesting take on the nations being almost ordinary people, and what that looks like to everyone else. The writing style is great; the way the scenes are written as brief flashes really works with the story. Also, it gets props for making Canada's invisibleness epic.