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Scorpia Rising

Well, this is it. The end of the series for Alex. And a lot of it, is unfortunately predictable.

  • The ending itself, where Sab's family becomes as good as Alex's. I saw that one coming a mile off.
  • Alex actually shooting someone. That was bound to happen since Horowitz needed to write him dealing with killing someone in cold blood.
  • The fat suit. This isn't as predictable as the rest, but I had it as a theory when I found that Smithers would use a gadget he'd always had. I was chuffed to find out I was right.

But the real sting of the book was Jack dying. I spent the rest of the book in a particular state of mind. And it was real, Jack was dead. She didn't jump out at the last second. She didn't miraculously survive, the very person that Alex had spent his life depending on was dead. This part of the book was written incredibly.

There is one loose end I have noticed, but it's minimal at best: "What happened to the Horseman file?". Even though Scorpia's gone, it doesn't mean it won't be used by someone.

All in all, I loved the book, and although the series is over, I think it was a fitting way to go.
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