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Now formalities are out of the way, let me please welcome you to my humble space of the internets.

I'm a big RPer on the forums here (note that I'm aware 'big =/= good'). I'm also a lot of a gamer (again 'big =/= good'), although most of my efforts on the wiki tend to be adding examples... ah well. I try.

If you want to add me on any gaming network, I am Plumbum 09 on Xbox LIVE (which I am on very, some would say too frequently) and I am Pb-82 on Steam

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In payment for having to sign your page I put this random act of vandalism here MUAHAHA! -Stevebat
  • ARGH! GET IT OFF! - Plumbum
I'm going to press your Berserk Button. That's right. This troper is stupid! Mwhahahahaha... wait... -wellinever
  • That's nice. Hope you enjoy the C4 in your pillow tonight... -Plumbum
Ello ello, chap! -Zersk
  • Mahalo, dude. - Plumbum
Hey, dude. UPDATE: I've got Live up 'till sometime in March, so just invite basArtemis92 and I'll show up if I have time. -Artemis92
  • Gotcha - Plumbumg
  • What's so funny? - Plumbum
You almost rival The Advertisement Server in terms of ad volume. :P -Hydrall
  • Speaking of which, try the Troper Servers for Team Fortress and play TV Tropes Universe! -Plumbum
You are a HERO. That is all. -OrangeSpider
  • More of a ZERO, but thanks anyway. -Plumbum
Are you the Plumber I'm looking for? -desdendelle
  • Nope. Sorry, mate. - Plumbum
I am charged! -XiphonIII
  • Is that a euphemism? - Plumbum
If you got Steam, add me. My SN is Psycho Puffin. -Mad Cormorant
  • Will do, I'm Malevolent Commisar Plumbum (joke based on our commie Troper server.) - Plumbum
Had no idea you had aspergers like I do. Nice RPing with you, by the way. -Dragon573

Blarg. That is all. -Gbrngfol
  • Hello! I duly apologize on my interests conflicting with you, but I do notice that your name reminds me of the element of lead. Fairly crafty! NES

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